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Grettings, would any of you have a solution on to why is my alge display working wierdly with Vola.

Problem is the display is working fine on occasion and sometimes not at all or showing wierd simbols. Im pretty sure the connection is good as it did work well sometimes.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is behaving like this. Everything that I see is set up the same, when it worked or when it didnt.

official alge or vola support is useless. As when I asked alge whats the problem they said its volas software, when I ask vola they say its and display problem.

Would anyone happen to know any info on this, how to can I get it to work well always, as now Im just praying that it will work on that day

Video of it working(not) in attachment

Any help would be highly appreciated, either here or I can be contacted on

Thank you


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OK, I got you. Nothing suspicious and apparently no "electronics" in between the 2 devices. As I have little experience with ALGE, is there a software tool available that shows what the driving software actually sends out? My bets are actually on the display side to be the problem. I would try with another PC (I know, RS232 interfaces are hard to find these days) if it has the same effect on the display.



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