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FDS-Timing: new compact display MLED-3C

Today we are proposing a full color display, light and compact to show any timing information. In additional we convert your display in Speed-Trap, Automatic net time, count up/down, count-down and start-clock Contact us directly to or visit our website:

RFIDTiming Decoders + other equipment

We have three RFIDTiming (EU Frequencies) boxes to sell > 2x 8 antennas, 1x 4 antennas (the 4 antennas has the small LCD screen that cracked when we locked the power cable in the decoder but we can read and work for the configurations. Otherwise it is possible to configure by the computer. The 3 boxes have GPS/Modem and internal WIFI, but we use external 3g routers so we don't have to dismantle the decoders to remove the SIM cards if we need them in other devices. We also have the 12...

Project to build your own timing system

I have spent years on a personal level manufacturing and improving my own timing equipment, but I no longer have the strength to continue the project. The timing system is up to the best. Synchronization in real time with the server, high connectivity, remote access. Own timing software for triathlon, running, cycling with 10 years of evolution and improvements. Up to 9 hours of autonomy (battery). Premium components. Great reading effectiveness.

MYLAPS Full Bibtag System For Sale

I am getting out of the race timing business and have a full system and set up avl for sales. Everything is in great condition. 4/ 4m decoder boxes- Each box is $4000 12 bibtag detection rubber mats- Each mat is $400 I also have orange traffic cones, 2 Seiko stopwatches, and a Gill 9' digit clock avl if interested. I am attaching some pictures but I have more and video's.

Tag 520 timer

we have two 520 timers, tag A gives us two starts when the racer goes thru the wand. sometimes it is 4 digits off. like racer 6 and then race 10. We have changed wands 3 times thinking it was the wands. Still does it, but not all the time. Can the timer be going bad inside? Timer B does not do it ?

TAG Heuer raffle at GMVS a big hit

Thanks to our friends at TAG Heuer for providing Pro Timing Solutions with several backpacks, lanyards, notebooks, pens, and even 2 Pocket Pro Winter stopwatches! Several of the most important RA's and Timekeepers had a chance to learn at the 2 day clinic hosted by GMVS. Thanks to Sam and Paige from US Ski and Snowboard's Eastern Office for taking care of all of us.