We have been suffering from missed finishes more and more often. I believe it is due to a weak signal between our photocell and WTN. When both units are indoors we have 3 bars(strongest you can get) but once photocell leaves our building it drops to 1 bar. Also it seems that this issue has become worse over the past few years, starting out with just a couple missed finishes to last week with way too many. Our plan of attack is to try and run wires through wall and outside of window and place our WTN against the building outdoors. Does anyone have ideas on how to get s stronger signal between these two devices or had similar issues?
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From Alge:

"Operating ranges and interferences
The ALGE WTN operates in 4.2 GHz frequency band, the same as WLAN. This is also used by
other services. The operating range as well as the operation may be disturbed by devices working at
the same or neighboring frequencies."

My guess is that 4.2 Ghz is a typo and they mean 2.4 Ghz. So the reason for the wireless signal degradation over time could be interference from wifi access points or cell phones searching for wifi.

The WTN is a mesh network, so you could purchase an additional WTN box and use it as a relay. e.g. Place it between your photocells and timing.

Otherwise your plan of removing the building as a source of interference is a good one.
We've seen the same thing with the PR1a-W photocell, and its position close to the ground probably doesn't help much.

I understood that the PR1a-W polled the other WTN units to determine the power setting in use. Could it be that it doesn't switch to 100mW correctly?

Last week I hung an extra yellow WTN box between the photocell and the timing hut and received all finish times where I would typically get drop-outs.

This week I need to rig two finish lines (only one active at a time) so I'm going to cable one to the WTN box, hang this fairly, high close to the finish line, and hope it helps passing on the signal from the other, wireless, photocell.

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