I am experimenting doing my own communications to a CP540 Chronoprinter via Ethernet by referring to "TAG Heuer Communication Protocol 08" (THCOM08).

I can fetch the S/N and model (01162 CP540 VE07), open and close inputs, catch trigger times, and manually trigger the inputs, but I have not been able to set the time in the CP540.

Using the keypad, I can go into the SYNCHRO menu, enter a time and date, then when it is at the "Ready for Synchro" prompt, manually trigger input#1  from the PC with "#WC 008 01"

Once I've done that, I can verify the time that was set by sending "#RP 010" and I'll receive something like "&P 010 02 02 11:11 29/06/19 00"

What I can't do is actually send the time from the PC.

I don't know what the "Request date and time for synchro" (#!T) command is meant to do. My unit totally ignores it. (no AK, nothing). I thought it would send me a "!T" response, but it doesn't.

I did try "007: Start a new synchro" (#WC007 02 15:42 03/12/19 and #WC007 02 15:42 03/12/19 00) but both versions just AK with "F" for "rejected".

I did think of trying to send keystrokes to the unit to enter the manual synch time, but the "009: System cmd" appears only to be for HL940 and HL440. I tried many variations, but they all give AK R for "not supported".

So, is there any way to do it? Maybe I'm just not getting the 007 command syntax right.


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Dammit, answer was staring me in the face.

#WC007 02 15:42 03/12/19 should have been
#WC 007 02 15:42 03/12/19

That pops you into the "Ready for synchro" screen, so you then send "#WC 008 01" to activate it.

I still don't know why "#!T" can't be used, as that would be a nice way to verify the time in the unit.



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