Our club has recently up upgraded to a Timy3 / PR1aW to do wireless timing for non-USSA races, and I stumbled upon an unexpected issue with which I'm hoping someone can help.

How do you sync the timers? I've always done this by powering-down, pressing OK at the BACKUP program selection, etc. The problem is, that breaks the WTN connection since the WTN controller (the Timy3) must be the first thing powered-on. So, at a recent race, I had to sync the timers, then go outside and turn the finish eye off and then back on.

What am I missing? Is there a way to tell the Timy3 to sync without cycling power? I've checked the manual and looked through the menus, but I can find no other way.

Thanks for the help.
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That's good info. That means that I need not power-down the master to send out a sync signal. However, I think that I still need to cycle power on the receiving timer to prepare it to receive the sync -- correct? If so, then I still have my original problem of syncing 2 Timy3's, both of which are acting as the WTN controller for it's paired PR1aW. I'll have to cycle power on at least one of them, which will break its WTN connection.

So, is there a way to prepare a Timy to receive a sync signal without cycling power?

Or do I have this all wrong -- are both Timy3's really acting as controllers? Or just the first one to be powered-up? If only one is acting as the controller, then I can prepare the other to receive the sync by powering it down without any WTN issues.

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