The MARTEL MCP 9810 printer is a nice unit for data logging and general use with the S4 timer.

It has an internal battery with charger. It uses the same 57mm (2.25") paper used by the TIMY, etc.

It can connect right to a USB-Serial adapter for use with all popular software that provides timing data logging.

It can print in either 24 (same as P5) or 48 characters per line. It has double hieght and double width capability.

We have not had a chance to see if it will work directly with the TAG PTB 605/606 but it has selectable switches that look like it will work.
It is the same body used by the TAG HL200 but in beige.

MCP9800 Thermal Printer Series

Serial, parallel and IrDA interfaces
The MCP9800 series are compact and light weight portable thermal printers with an RS232 serial interface via a 9-way D-type connector. IrDA and Parallel interfaces are also available for some models.

Power options including in vehicle supply
Powered from rechargable NiMH batteries or external power supply, the MCP9800 series provides the maintenance free operation only available from thermal printers. Standard models are intended to be trickle charged from a mains power adapter, but a fast charge option can be supplied. UK, Euro, US and universal versions of the power adapter are available. A special model has been introduced to be powered directly from a 12V or 24V vehicle power supply.

Programmable character sets
Designed for maximum versatility, the MCP9800 series are capable of many different modes of operation with numerous character sets. Operation is controlled by a combination of switch settings and external software commands.

Wall and dashboard mounting options
All units are built into robust ABS housings. A versatile mounting plate is also available. It enables wall mounting or a solid fixing to a vehicle's dashboard etc.

With design and manufacturing in the UK, Martel’s range of panel mount printers are ideal for OEM applications and we would be pleased to discuss the possibility of customising any feature to your specific requirements.

• High print quality
• Quiet, non-impact system
• Maintenance-free
• Compact and light weight
• High reliability
• Battery powered or external power supply
• Versatile, for use with text or graphics
• Windows driver available


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Our group, the Northern Michigan Ski Academy has a MARTEL 9800 printer that we want to use to print out the timing log during our races.

We use an ALGE S4 and/or a COMET for our clock and run SST "Club" software. The printer is fed thru a serial to USB convertor.

When I hook up the 9800 printer to take the serial output of the timing log from SST "Club", the printer prints out the bib number, the clock start time and the clock finish time. What is missing from the timing log output is the elapsed time that shows in the "view timing log" screen from the software.

This isn't what I expected to be printed on the tape as the elapsed time is most important data point (next to the bib number).

If you compare the tape printout with timing log screen, it appears that the information is getting cut off or printed over by the next clock start time or other data.

Changing the DIP switches from the SW #2 & #4 in OFF only makes the problem worse.

The MARTEL 9800 is a sweet little printer and I would love to use it in this application but...Does anybody have a solution to this problem?
The output will have to be formatted slightly differently for this printer. I think that a carriage return is missing in the serial string. Most of the outputs from software were set up for dot matrix or Seiko DPU printers with wider paper.

I am sure that Split Second can work on this at some point. If you need to have this working right now, get a Seiko DPU414.
The latest model that works with timers and data logging is the 7810. It has replaceable nicad batteries (AA), a power supply 110-220vac and a DB9 serial to RJ cable.

Nice printer with a very readable default font.

It is factory set for 9600,n,8,1

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