Chronomix clock problem

I have a Chronomix race clock, Its a lane/place/time model see here:

The digits were not flipping and it wasnt going green on the charger so I bought 2 battery packs a few months ago and changed out the batteries. All was working fine, then the symptoms returned a few weeks ago.

I took a look inside and found that maybe the wires had worked there way loose of the heat-shrink i put around them so I rewired them and resealed them. It still has weak-flipping digits, even on a full charge. Is it possible that one of the 2 packs isnt being charged fully? I get a green full charge indicator after about 3-4 hours from being dead. (i left for 4 days and let it run down, then came back and charged).

What can I do to diagnose the issue? I do have a multi-meter. I dont want to buy another 2 packs if its some other cause.

Thanks for the help..
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Doug, I carefully took the pack out of the holder and then took the pack to a company that rebuilds batteries. they made up a replacement with new NiCad's that had a slightly higher amp capacity. There were several such companies around the city I live in up here in Canada

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