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I have a Chronomix race clock, Its a lane/place/time model see here:

The digits were not flipping and it wasnt going green on the charger so I bought 2 battery packs a few months ago and changed out the batteries. All was working fine, then the symptoms returned a few weeks ago.

I took a look inside and found that maybe the wires had worked there way loose of the heat-shrink i put around them so I rewired them and resealed them. It still has weak-flipping digits, even on a full charge. Is it possible that one of the 2 packs isnt being charged fully? I get a green full charge indicator after about 3-4 hours from being dead. (i left for 4 days and let it run down, then came back and charged).

What can I do to diagnose the issue? I do have a multi-meter. I dont want to buy another 2 packs if its some other cause.

Thanks for the help..
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Hi....It should work. I calaucate one shot at 6.8 seconds, however could be 8 seconds if C3 is on the high side of it's resistance.

first thing to check is 14V to ensure it is perfect. At that point check 1OUT/2RESET to check whether that is 6 to 8 seconds high heartbeat then low.

On the off chance that it is acceptable troubleshoot the correct side. on the off chance that it is awful troubleshoot left side. 1THRESH can be watched with a DMM or an ongoing oscilloscope and 2THRES would be better watched on an oscilloscope. Since huge covers 1uF and 10uF are being released rapidly ensure ground side of U1, C3, and C2 stays at 0V.

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