A question was asked if we had any suggestions on building a timing building.

I am sure there are more!  Share your photos too.


  • Out of fall line
  • Full internet access even if it is wireless can transmitters
  • Two storey
  • Bottom for gates and pads
  • Top for timing
  • Stairs that are easy to clean and made for climbing in ski boots
  • Metal perforated  tread inserts work great to let snow fall through
  • Narrow countertops around the 3 walls . Narrow means you can sit closer to window and look down
  • Mount 80 cm - 1m off floor
  • Stools only. Chairs take up to much space. You don't fall asleep on a stool either!
  • Put a small knee wall inside door to prevent people from walking right into you. Make it so they need to come to the back of the room where the coat rack is
  • Take standard bull nose kitchen counter and slice off the back splash
  • Drilled with at least 7cm holes for wires
  • Mount narrow gutter under counters to hold wires and power supplies
  • Windows with blinds for sun that always seems to blast into you eyes
  • Power everywhere
  • Sola or equivalent Power conditoner
  • Electric heater mounted above ( so you don't melt your boots on baseboard heaters
  • somewhere to pee nearby, try to be kind to women too!
  • all wiring connections with banana plug sockets
  • 10 cm  conduit between upper and lower floor to run wires through
  • 10 cm conduit from lower floor above snow line to get wires out to finish
  • Small refrigerator, microwave
  • Coat hooks with helmet shelf above
  • Old van bench seat bolted to floor makes great back of the room place to sit 
  • rubber tiles with anti slip nubs
  • Metal roof with overhang to help with sun shielding
  • Try to separate announcing from timing with a floor to ceiling wall
Original Post
  • mount counters so they stand off the wall 5 cm. Excess power cord, patch cables, etc can hang down in this gap between wall and counter.
  • distribution panel for hill wiring should be either mounted low enough for easy reach from seated, or adjacent to counters rather than above them, or you'll be climbing on counter to change inputs
  • must have coffee machine!!!
  • organized shelf space on one wall - make slots and cubbyholes for devices like headsets, amps, photocells, etc for visual inventory. You can see instantly if something hasn't come in off the hill.
  • have a folding table set up in middle of room for hardware coming in off the hill. Volunteers returning from the cold will dump stuff all over your work space, give them somewhere to put it.
  • base station radio with conduit for outside antenna.
  • timing room doesn't necessarily have to be on the course itself. You should have a finish line controller on headset even if you can see the finish from the shack, so timing blind isn't a big deal. Easy access from street/parking lot may be a logistical advantage and possibly more secure for storage of expensive equipment. Everything you need is already in the timing room, no oversnow transport required for race day. Each mountain has its own unique layout and access issues - keep an open mind when planning.
  • good heating, ventilation and lighting aren't luxuries, they're necessities. Anything less than stable, comfortable conditions means human and electronic assets won't perform at their best.

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