Looking for a video timing solution for wood chopping events.

Certainly anything that would be an improvement on the current situation (the major flaw of which is the manual starting and stopping of the timing…..obviously this has an element of human error/delay)

Customer Brief:

Summary of requirements:
• To be able to see all competitors clearly, simultaneously, placing/finish (could be 1 or maybe 2 cameras)
• Ability to see the axes/saws go through the wood, much more than needing to see the person/s in action
• Ability to time each event and competitor accurately. Noting that timing to commence and be incorporated with ‘count in’, (to be automated/electronic not manually as it is currently done).
• Ability to watch the video back in slow motion, frame by frame, in forwards and reverse direction.
• Ability to view on a large screen (in judging room, not essential on outdoor screen) to enable several people to watch the same screen at the same time
• Sound to be recorded from competitors in arena for check starting (checking of false starts).
• Ability for data storage of each race.
This may be a bit vague but I hope you can grasp what we are trying to achieve.
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