Hi guys, I'm offering a VOLA Photofinish solution, it is a CAMERA VIDEO FINISH PRO 2D from VOLA.

The camera is equipped with a
f: 16mm lens and its protective case
A license to use the Video-Finish-Pro software
A coded dongle (usb protection key)
A pulse synchronization cable
A USB3 cable of 3m
A fiber link of 10m
A Wifi point

You can see the rest of the specs here.

We used it in one important bicycle road race in Chile, it worked like a charm, it has just 1 use, is practically new, comes with all the accessories detailed in the attachment and software. We have a deep understanding of the software so we can teach you how to use it remotely as well in english or spanish.

The price is 5,900 EUROS and it doesn't cover shipping to your country or other taxes.

You can reach me on
mail: tiempos@timer-crono.com
whatsapp: +86 186 6599 4665
or this forum






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