Just a reminder to everyone involved in the timing of international FEI jumping classes that the FEI regulations for timing equipment and scoreboards will be taking effect for all FEI sanctioned international classes from 1 January 2009. These regulations are already in effect for Senior Jumping Championships and Games.

The regulations can be found at the FEI website: http://www.fei.org/Disciplines/Jumping/Organisers/Docum...finalversion_002.pdf

One of the main implications of these regulations is that all the timing equipment used in FEI sanctioned international classes will need to be selected from the list of approved timing devices: http://www.fei.org/Disciplines/Jumping/Officials/Docume...d_timing_devices.pdf

If the gear you intend to use does not comply, I suggest that you review your arrangements now so as not to be caught out when the regulations kick in on January 1.


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