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The first deployment of Broder's TT*ware with the "new" TT*Remote was used this past weekend at the Wolverine Sports Club "Willow TT" in Michigan.

Broder's TT*Remote allows multiple computers to access the Timing TT*Ware computer while the race is in progress to Add and Update Racers via TCP/IP connection. This allowed our timer to not be disturbed and also allowed us to give unofficial results throughout the day as certain classes finished the race. This made the wait at the end of the day for results about 3 minutes.

TT*Remote also allow you to query the Results from TT*Ware and print remotely while the race is still in progress. This worked great in conjuction with Commentator2 screens. Our Registration person monitored the Commentator2 screen, and using the start sheets, knew when a class was finished and printed results back in the registration building and posted on the wall. Results were on the wall before anyone could physically bike to the results building from the finish line!

James will be offering this Remote package (Server, Remote results and registration) as an additional add-on license for current TT*Ware subscribers.

It is well worth the upgrade!

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