TIMY3 with WTN module is coming

PST has ordered the first production models of the TIMY3.

The fundementals and cosmetics remain the same. Yes we will post close up pictures of the WTN when we get them!

The major difference is the integration of the WTN module that will allow the TIMY3 to receive impulses from sensors and transmit back to displays without the need for the yellow WTN box.

Pricing for these timers will be less than the TIMY2 plus WTN yellow box.

PST expects to have these is hand for evaluation shortly. We have been very pleased with the operation of the WTN system thus far. We used them at the Aachen equestrian festival, NASTAR finals and USA Pro Challenge dual Aspen street sprints this year.

THe TIMY3 will open up a whole new opportunity for equestrian, dog agility, and athletic training.
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