TED TX not sending Data to GAZ4 Display

This weekend I was using TDC8000 hooked up to a TED TX to send run time data to display board. When it was hooked up it would reset and count up as the racer was on the course and stop with the correct time when he went through the finish line, it seemed to be working fine. But about half way through the day (about 4 hours of racing) it quite working. I replaced batteries, cables, and check all the settings on the timer, display and transmiter/recievers, and they looked fine. I was able to send the last dattsting to the display board by pushing the green switch on the bottom of the TED TX. Help what could be going wrong.

Originally posted 26 Jan 2002 by Paul Leishman paul_leishman@pcu.net
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Is this the new 433.800 Mhz set? The Ted transmitter normally keeps the last packet of data in memory. That is why you were able to "force" it to be sent with the green button. Your report is intriguing because the system worked fine for several hours.

I would make sure that the TDc 8000 is sending the correct data to the transmitter. Under check the output settings for the display. Make sure that the running tenths (10ths) are OFF and that the baud rate is 2400. Make sure that both Channel 1 and 2 are sending Running Time.

The last thing I would recommend would be that the Transmitter connected to the Tdc 8000 for displays be powered directly from the TDc. We can make a cable that would accomplish this. Just let me know how long it needs to be.

Originally posted 26 Jan 2002 by Fred Patton

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