TED transmitter missed a couple of start pulses

A customer reported that he missed a couple of start impulse transmits during an all day high school track meet. Otherwise the day went normally. Random missed impulse transmissions are usually the fault of external forces. Usually radio interference from other sources. Make sure your TED transmitter is at least 3 meters (10
feet) from officials or coaches with walkie talkies. Mount it on a tripod with the built in threaded bar or use the velcro strap to mount to a tree or pole. The SM8 pistol transducer comes with a very long cable for this purpose. Like wise get the receiver away from the table where you work and outside or away. The ALGE TED system should be monitored during the day for signs of dying batteries, etc. The receiver will start to emit an off color tone when the transmitter batteries die. Stop the race. Change batteries. Turn both TX and RX off and on again. Resume. Start the day with fresh brand name alkalines and you really should have no problems.

Originally posted 28 Jun 2002 by Fred Patton
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i have used the TED wireless start with my Lynx system for 42 track and field meets this year without any missed starts -at all!!. Most recently, I timed a 5 day meet in lightening plagued Florida where one day we had 223 races -all without a hitch. (note: lynx hardwire/normally closed gun sensor picked up stray starts when lightening was about 20 miles away or so)

In my testing, I have found that: 1)at every venue i run a frequency scanner (Radio Shack) to check if anything is in the 433.5 range of the ted units...just for peace of mind....so far all has been clear though have had some very close in the range of 434 (though units worked fine) 2) mount the reciver as reasonable high as possible.
For example, if i am up in a press box i have the unit right in front of me so that i can monitor it. If i am at track level/under a tent then i either mount the unit up with my camera or on the top rung of the tent using a Bogen c-clamp and Bogen umbrella adjuster so that i keep the antena verticle. So far, doing this has allowed trouble
free operation of my wireless start, wirelsss ethernet, and wireless phone/communication system being used all at once.

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If your data is valuable, it is way worth having a Comet or Timy in line with the TED/TX. That way if you do miss an impulse, you can still give the competitor a time by having someone "check" the tape of the missed impulse.

We choose to use the TED/TX & Rx systems as Data transmitters so we always have a backup of the impulse times. When used as just a simple impulse
transmitters, you are always prone to the magnetic surroundings and take a chance on errors.

Originally posted 10 Jul 2002 by Jim Karnes

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