The TED series of wireless transmitters and receivers have been in use since the 90's. ALGE has decided to discontinue the 10 MW TED 10 system since the new WTN network is working so well. The WTN system comes factory set for the EU limited 10mw but can be user selected up to 100mw.

The WTN in use

We have personally used the new PR1a cells with the WTN for equestrian, skiing, and track cycling applications

The WTN gets better and better.

Repairs of TED 10 systems are of course available. All of the TED units we have had repaired this past month have had new top plates with BNC antennas installed. This is to correct the corrosion issues with the screw on antennas used in the past.

The TED 400 or 400mw version will continue to be sold and serviced.
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