I have a 067-02 cable to connect TDC8001 and PC, i receive data from TDC to PC , but when i try to send data back from PC to TDC im not able.
Also tried simple things like adjustment of menu from RS232 without success.

Example: (taken from official manuals....)

RS232 question: PM? (not answer)

RS232 order: PM=ON
Adjustable: ON or OFF

Any idea?
Thank you,
Regards Adrián
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Got answer from Alge...
There is an issue that most of commands throw 232 arent working.

Told me that they must test every command.(I use it for showjumping, dunno if if afects to other sports)
Will tell u when i have further news...
(Sorry for "this" english , not my language)

Just in case someone has same problem...

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