Tag 520 problems

We have 2 Tag 520's and a few weeks ago they started to shut off while we were into a race. I put in new batteries and checked the power supply, which was putting out 12v dc. Can't figure out what the problem could be ?
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Seems odd that both would go down.

There have been some reports of the printers failing recently.

Does the timer still work and send out data to the PC or is it completely dead?

Normally, the only way to service these is to send them to Switzerland. They have a limited amount of parts for these and you may find that they cannot be repaired.

Time to budget for new timers.
I sent an email to Gerry at Reliance and he thought it was radio interference that caused it. They work fine as long as we are using all of the ports . When they went down we were giving manual starts , so the start ports were not being used. Seems strange but I know the Tag are sensitive. They are getting old .

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