TAG CP 520 is FIS homoligated, but has no synch inputs. Does anyone know how I would synch a 520 with a TAG705? Also, anyone know the setup for hooking up a 520 to run with split second timing software?
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The 520 will sync by using the ch 1 input. Connect it to the start wand same as the 705, but use the other pair of jacks (FIS Homologated start gate) and a second pair of wires for FIS/USSA compliance.

Connect the supplied serial cable from the 520 to your computers com port and configure the software in the setup and test screen with the timer type, baud rate and com port.
As others have suggested call Gerry to get RS232 out to serial cable. You will also need a serial to usb (in)and driver disc installed that comes with it to get Splitsecond to see the 520. Pull up syncro on 520 menu to set time then open start wand (unblock input one 1st) or hit button 1. At + 1 min 705 and 520 printed times should match when start gate is opened.
There are a few ways to bring Serial data into a computer besides USB adapters. PCMIA cards were a favorite for a while on laptops without serial ports and now serial device servers seem to be the rage as an easy way to share serial ports across a network.

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