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Hi, I present a cost effective photocell system with simple serial communication, perfect for software developers or Emakers. This kit is wired (we have wireless too), with at least 30 meters of optical range (we have 100 meters version too), and serial communication through USB port. Comunication is bidirectional, so you can change the channel or the dead time of the photocell through software. The photocell sends two pulses, one of them at the moment (with 1ms delay) and the other one in exactly 500ms (so if you don't get the first pulse, you can take the second, and substract 500ms to the time obtained). It have simple phone wire, so its very cheap and easy to construct your own cable if you need long cable. This is made in Argentina. I can send samples via DHL. This basic wired kit costs $250, and it works with 2 AA batteries (more than 20 hours of autonomy and with level indicator). I dont look for a partner, just for clients who want to use my hardware, so I can send you quick start application in excel (with timer included) so you can start developing your own software. Actually I deliver it to you with free excel software but it also can work with a third party proffessional software, like this one:

I found that precision in excel software (with windows timer) its about +/- 0.05 seconds. If you need more precision, I have cheaps phisical USB timers (or advanced timers with keypad), that can give you 0.01 seconds or less with the same photocell. Visit our web for more details:




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