Sick S4 - start channels dead

We have an S4 timer from '98 which developed some problems over the summer/autumn of last year. Two of these I could live with, as we only use the S4 for capturing manual starts/stops - beeper not beeping and the meter has pretty much unglued itself.

The showstopper is that the C0/C3/C6 inputs are pretty much dead. C0 works once after power on, and never again. The other two don't even do that. Measured the open circuit voltage on these to 2.5V, 0.2V and 0.2V respectively, compared to 4.8V on the stop and intermediate pins.

Does anyone know what might be dead? I'm thinking aged electrolytic capacitors but could be way off. We've already replaced the S4 with a new Timy, but if I could fix the S4 as a project it would be very sweet.
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Well I don't know about repairing it your self. ALGE still gladly rebuilds S4 main circuit boards. We have several at the shop that we swap out when people have S4s that need fast service. We would be happy to send your back for repair.

Probably looking at $350.00 or so plus shipping/mailing.
Hi, and thanks for the offer, but I'm in Norway so not very practical. I've been in touch with Alge Norway and they reckoned a minimum of $500 plus the shipping back to Austria (but that's Norwegian prices).

So we bought a Timy2 instead - one without a printer, and I swapped the plug on the P5 that used to hang off the S4 Smile

I was just hoping that someone might say "oh, yeah, its the probably the x-y-z" and I could take a swing at fixing it (a schematic would be good, but I guess that's a big no-no).

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