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I have spent years on a personal level manufacturing and improving my own timing equipment, but I no longer have the strength to continue the project.

The timing system is up to the best. Synchronization in real time with the server, high connectivity, remote access. Own timing software for triathlon, running, cycling with 10 years of evolution and improvements. Up to 9 hours of autonomy (battery). Premium components. Great reading effectiveness.

The assembly is simple. Only 5 hours. I have source code, photos and assembly videos.

The manufacturing cost is less than 2000 dollars although it can be obtained for 1500.

I sell the complete project to whoever wants to continue it. Knowledge of Java, PHP, NodeJS, Python is required.

Interested in purchasing, you can send an email to

If it does not sell in a few months, a WEB will be created, making the project open source.

Kind regards.


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