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I have 2 units in great shape for sale.

SEIKO SPORTS TIMER, MODEL ST-306, is a large-sized digital timing functions. It has 6-digit 200mm-high display modules for operated with ease. It weighs only 12.5 kg.

As an upcount timer, it can be used as a timing display syst
swimming, track races, marathon, walking race, skiing, cycling, soccer, and rugby.

The MODEL ST-306 can also be used for the display of game points and deuce points in tennis.
As a downcount timer, MODEL ST-306 can downcount time to sho w the remaining time in basketball and other games

The MODEL ST-306 can measure lap time, split time and finish time. In addition, it can memorize and re-display either lap or split times for a maximum of 25 athletes. (Ex.: MODEL ST-306 can memorize and display the order of arrivals and finish times for 1st to 25th places.

The upcount function is available in two modes: one in which the time is counted up from zero, and the other in which the time is counted up from a preset time.

The downcount function has a crossover counting mode in which the time is downcounted from a preset time to zero and in succession upcounted from zero. This mode is suitable for marathon and the like

The MODEL ST-306 has an auto repeat function in which the ti me is upcounted and downcounted at fixed intervals to sound a buzzer at a preset time. Accordingly, MODEL ST-306 can be used as apace-clock..


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