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We have 2 TAG CP705s that are on thier last legs. One doesn't download to the software anymore and we are afraid the other one will go soon too so are looking at replacing them. The problem is, we don't know what to replace them with.

We really like the 2 key pad/display feature of the 705. its great for start/finishe or red course/blue course timing.

These timers will be used for ski racing and downhill mt bike racing so need to be fairly durable and allow for passing on course.

We are not tied to TAG as long as the new timer is compatible with our TAG photocells.

Any advice would be great.

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The Alge TdC 8001 is the Mercedes of keypad-based dedicated timers. Expensive but extremely rugged, you can drop one off a chairlift onto rock and it will survive just fine.


Available from Phoenix Sports in Pennsylvania.

Microgate makes a unit called REI2, not as robust as the ALGE TDC and not as rugged (plastic case) but a good product and has lots of cool / compatible accessories available for it.


I know of a used TdC 8001 available fairly cheap, if you're interested let me know and I'll fix you up with its owner.
The Alge TIMY2 PXE is the number one replacement for CP705s being used in conjunction with software or standalone. The TIMY has a dual timing program as well that will provide two discrete starts and finishes.

The TIMY like the TDC8000 or REI2 can also expand to allow the connection of several more channels for intermediate points or speed traps.

The TIMY2 PXE also allows bidirectional printing with software so you can have the net calculated times and bibs printed back on the tape.
Hi There

We could definately be interested. Just a few question?
- Cost per unit?
- Any warranty?
- Do the download port still work( that is one of our issues with our current one
- Can you send photos of the device
- Can we potentially return them if they don’t work (let’s say we test them and something is not working)

Its best to contact me at my email cikona@whistlerblackcomb.com

Hi, I don't speak English. And I prefer to communicate by email.
I would be interested in your ad.
Can you tell me in which country you are? What is the state of the CP705 and what is its price?
Here is my @mail: eric.le-bail@wanadoo.fr

Kind regards


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