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I have been asked to present the TTWare to a prospective purchaser, a local rowing club, who want to use it for a local time trial type event.

Is there a way for a remote split to be automatically entered into TTware without having to be re-entered manually, as there is little likelihood of being able to roll out a 1000m cable along the murky Yarra river to get a split. The club have informed me that they are installing a wifi network to cover the distance.

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This is possible a few different ways.

1. Use a TED or other type of wireless impulse transmission device and substitute it for the wire.

2. Record the splits with a TIMY, TDC, or any other syncronized timing device that can record bib and time stamps and import the splits into TTware after the race.

3. Use your wireless network with a TCP/IP to serial converter to have a split location timer available over the network. This would require another networked computer running TTware to work just the splits. It would look for the split timer and use its information while your finish timer would work just the finishes on a separate com port. You could get away without the TCP/IP converter if you had the split timing PC at the split location instead of the finish. This way it would connect to a timing device via standard com port.

Option 1 requires a wireless impulse transmission device and a local timer would be recomended but not required.

Option 2 requires a local timing device that can record bib and time information and dump it to a PC

Option 3 requires a local timing device and another PC with the TCP/IP to Serial converter needed if the PC is at the finish and not at the split location.
Look into the Maxstream data radio modems ( for direct serial transmission. Use the 900 mHz as it cuts through better(they also have high power ant packages). The Maxstreams are super handy and very, very easy to use. I don't know if AUS lets you run 900's or you have to use 2.4. TCP/IP Wireless can be a problem over that distance unless it is a permanent solution(Do you have wireless you can tap into through your cellphone?). The beauty of the Maxstream solution is the simplicity and the bulletproof nature of the device. You can set them up in repeater mode and blast away for even longer throws. Transmitting impluses over the link still requires you to have a backup timer at the split location so why not use something you can get error checking on and have the facility to get a re-transmit to boot. They are a pretty good value for the money. I have used the TED's from Alge, Cellular and the Maxstream as solutions on data transmissions and the Maxstream works the best(Sorry Fred and Ted). The bidirectional characteristic and the price point will make your mouth water. Once you start goofing with them you can think of tons of other applications. Check it out and good luck.

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