Tussey Mt U12 State Championships for PARA Racing in Pennsylvania.

This is an installation of D Lines using the GAZ4 default script in Vola.

D Lines on address 1 , but set on SE S 2 to get the min sec 100th to center.

900 Mhz Digi modems set on 2400 baud

Battery powered with splitter to power modem and D line.

Prolific USB to serial adapter into PC running Windows 7. Com 10

Vola using default GAZ 4 script, address 1


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We have a set of similar RS232-RS485 converters so that we can extend the range to our D Line. Last week I thought I'd try running without them, see what happened. I had clean data over 500-600 m range on unconverted RS232, was flawless for three days of racing.

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