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As a result of travelling around the country working for Race Directors at their events and talking to athletes, some patterns start to become clear. Here are our thoughts:

Athletes want it NOW. They want fast and easy check in, the option for onsite registration, and emailed results that are virtually “real time.” For events that are working hard to grow, or just to preserve the number of athletes they have based their budgets on, we offer a product that will deliver all the above in an easy to use format and at a low cost.

The most common thing we hear is “my event has been doing it this way for years. It works and we are comfortable with the process.”  There are too many events that have adopted this approach, failed to improve in order to provide up-to-date athlete services, and as you can guess they are gone today. We also hear that “we would like to provide live results and email results but we can’t afford it.”

RaceDay Event Software is available to provide all of the tools to manage registration and results at a price that is affordable - usually only the cost of several riders entry fees. At any scale, from your local criterium to UCI level stage races, RaceDay can handle your entire registration and results requirements.

We are ready and eager to provide you and your team with the training required to make your race feel like the big time.

RaceDay can provide your event with all of these tools at a great price to help attract and satisfy more athletes. Contact us for more details.  What are you waiting for?




Online registration has closed and now it is time to get ready for packet pickup and manage onsite registration.

We are going to walk you thru the first steps in the registration process.

If you use BikeReg.com for your online registration, you can assign your bib numbers and use the preformatted RaceDay down load. Save the CSV file on your desk top.  If you are using another registration provider, download the pre-registered athletes and save them in a CSV file on your desk top.

You have already downloaded RaceDay Software and installed your license key and are now ready to initialize the database and set up the Event details. You will want to have all of the event details ready to fill in the appropriate fields (this can be added to or changed at any time) and have decided on what your score type will be. (See results section below.)

You will be prompt to import your preregistered riders into RaceDay.  You can now match your CSV file to the RaceDay fields and import the CSV file.

If you have any import issues, there is a section that will tell you the errors and what row they occurred on.

We have prepared a short video to show how the process works. 

Video Link




Results are very important. These are what the athletes have trained for, paid for, and expect to see. RaceDay can make this an easy process.

There are a few things to think about and decide prior to your event and which will allow you to use all of the tools available to you in RaceDay.

Here are the questions you need to answer that drive the setup process:

  • Are we scoring using place/time or place only
  • Are we scoring by category or global

During the initialization of the database you will be ask to choose what type of event you are setting up, Stage Race or Omnium. This may seem odd if you are only running a one day event but think of it this way:

  • Stage Race – any race that will be scored on Place and Time
  • Omnium – any race that is scored only on Place

Scoring types are by:

  • Category – you are entering results one category at a time
  • Global – you are scoring all of the results across categories at the same time

Once you have decided which scoring option and scoring type you are using, you are ready to go through the first step in building the race and uploading the athletes.

Note:  You can change these options if you decide to use the other option but it must be done before you score the first athlete.

That’s it!  You are set up and ready to score the first finish.

We have prepared a short video to show how the process works. 

Video Link


These are the first steps in using RaceDay, a compete user guide is located at

 www.Raceday EventSoftware.com.

Complete user support is available by phone, text, or email.

See you at the races. Ciao

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