Optical fibre for starts

Has any progress been made in the use of optical fibre for start timing cables?

The current FIS timing booklet mentions "Optical Cables: If a converter is necessary between timing cables and optical cables, then the converter must be approved by the FIS."

I read James' response to a similar question several years ago: http://timingguys.com/eve/foru...117044973#7117044973

I understand the technical hurdles, however there are possible solutions.

Does anyone know of converters? Either approved by FIS, or adequate for local fun races?
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Hi Fred, I'm curious if testing of impulses over fibre might have happened?

Also curious if you've come across a device which can send an impulse over mobile network- I saw one once which wasn't homoligated but good enough for local races, have been trying to track it down.

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