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I also just started experimenting with the digital scoreboard feature in SS for an upcoming race, and I've noticed a few issues:

1.  Results section is white with yellow lettering, which is unreadable.  How do I set it to a blue background like is shown in the pictures on the SS web site?
2.  If I stop the race for a while (but still never leave the timing window), the results section goes blank.  Any idea what's going on?
3.  While the scoreboard does not show forerunner times in the results section, it does show their running times and then their run times for a while after they finish.  This shouldn't be.
4.  How do I put up a message before and between runs?  (I'm thinking this may just not yet be implemented.)
Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
-- Mark Jacunski
Cochran's Ski Club, VT
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OK.  I believe that I solved issues #1 and #2 above.  The scoreboard feature seems to be linked to Live-Timing.  It occurred to me that, in my Chrome web browser, I had enabled the white background for live-timing.  Live-timing wasn't even up any longer, but the setting seems to have taken hold for the HDMI scoreboard as well.  I went into my browser, changed it back to dark background, and that fixed the scoreboard function.

-- Mark

We've been tinkering around with this new feature too. As Mark says, forerunner running time and finish time display although they are not shown in the leaderboard, nor do they appear in the 'posting board' display mode. Took me a minute to realise i needed to change display settings for multiple monitors to make the digital display appear correctly on the TV screen. 

I like the simplicity: you can do everything from the one computer, no need to create a network, and the screen is already sized to 1080p. One catch with this though is adjusting the display window to the remote TV, it will need someone looking at the remote screen to help the timing operator correctly locate it on the remote display. If you're flipping through multiple codexes for age groups and genders in a two run race, that might require you to retain an operator with a radio or headset in the general area. 

The other good news is HDMI converters are getting cheaper and better every month. The location we use for display is 120 m from our timing room and is linked by buried cat 5e. We looked into HDMI over ethernet converters a year ago and couldn't find anything under USD 600, nor could they guarantee range over 100 m. We went to a miracast over ethernet converter and just mirrored a live timing screen on our TV instead. A year later, we are seeing HDMI over ethernet converter sets for about USD 70, with claimed range of 120 m. We will pair that with this nice easy SST utility for a big bright easy to read live results display.

Hard to get around the cost of an outdoor TV though, those ultra-bright screens are expensive. We have a Sunbrite 43" Signature and it gives good readability in outdoor winter conditions, but they are USD 2500. In the past we tried a conventional LCD TV sheltered/shaded by a 10x10 popup tent, but it was still defeated by the reflected glare from the snow.





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