Movable timing building for wireless use

Our timing equipment inventory now includes the Alge TED wireless set, and the management here at Apex are enjoying racing on 'new' runs that were previously not available to them (non-sanctioned events). They have agreed to purchase or construct some kind of movable shelter for the race finish to protect equipment and operators from the elements.

We tried this about 8 years back with a small (6' x 8') frame shack on skids. It was a spectacular failure as the structure was very clumsy to tow and prone to tipping over. It was moved three times and it now stays at the bottom of the DH course, never to move again. I've also been provided with awning-type structures (not
weatherproof enough and vulnerable to wind damage), and tents (can't see out, fragile).

I'm looking for something different to the above. You guys know what is needed for a good timing shack: weathertight, insulated, ventilated, good visibility. Add to that light weight and 'towability' and you get my picture. I only need to accomodate two operators, and equipment will not be stored there in order to keep weight
down, so about 6' x 8' or 8' x 8' is big enough - much bigger and major cat time will be needed to level out a spot for it. What are you folks out there using now? Anyone seen a product or construction method that would work for me?

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Wally James

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Thanks James. "Blastproof doors"... sounds irresistable! In the meantime I found a local recycled product that may well do the trick. It's made of a steel/rigid insulation sandwich left over from the manufacture of French doors. Viewable at - this shack costs $700 CDN ($450 US approx) including floor, two thermal windows and door, and weighs about 600 lb for the 8' x 8' size which will be suitable for a two-person operation. Inside height at the ridge is 6'9" and at the wall is 5'9". They are designed as general purpose garden or storage sheds but with a fabricated sled/ski base and hitch they will be
easily towed berhind a groomer. Floor is made of the same white gloss-painted material as the walls and looks like it would be diabolically slippery for snow-covered ski boots! Some glued-down indoor/outdoor carpet should fix that. So it looks like I'll get my mobile shack - good snow and record numbers this season, management are feeling magnanimous. Make hay while the sun shines!!! Now if I can sell the advertising space to someone and cover the cost of the hut
itself I'll be a real hero!

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I have a friend named Tim Clark who, although now retired, used to be a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. With his first-hand knowledge of the mysterious ways in which the branches of the US military sometimes work, Tim has a talent for finding very useful items at fire-sale prices via Federal & military auctions.

Among the cool stuff Tim has found for pennies is a mobile, towable steel communications bunker, complete with retractable antenna mast and blast-proof doors. The contraption is about the size of an SUV, and has two wheels and a trailer hitch.

Maybe Tim can find one for you, or perhaps he has an extra one.

You can get his phone number through the Gladstone Equestrian Association at the United States Equestrian Team 908-234-0151.



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