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Greetings, I would like to ask for advice from fellow timers. I am opening a sports timing company, manly motocross, supermoto, eventualy marathon, cycling . I am very new at timing, but familiar with all the rules as I worked such events as ref.

What kind of equipment (transponders, decoders, software) would you recommend, reliable to get the job done and not insanely expensive or subscription schemes such as mylaps, preferably possible to buy in EU. Races would be held on this race tracks

My main issues are, the motocross track is 20meter wide, so the loop is 40-45m, also its dug underground about 20-30cm. I am worried about detection rate, most manufacturers I spoke to do not guarantee 100% detection rate as the loop is too wide, they sell max loop 25m. What to do about this? Anyone has experience and what are you using on a similar race track?

Another thing is how do you setup your results live to stream them from the main timing pc to screens around the race track such as to audience and in the box area?

Would also be interested in second hand equipment if it is in good condition and can preform satisfactory.



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