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Last night we had a strange occurrence. We were running the 200 at a district level meet.  The first heat went off without an issue. When the 2nd heat was ready to run we got a mis-fire. During the time between we did some changes in the capture settings to help with an image issue we were having. 2nd heat is lined up and we have another mis-fire. I fire the false-start gun, and then the starter fires his and the system picks up. We ran a test fire and the system picked up.

Now, both antennas are low to the ground, which we think could have been one issue, but we also had a lot of people on the field using their cell phones for live results. We are hoping the signal had trouble crossing the field but are open to suggestions.

Any thoughts, we are clueless.

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I agreed with previous post if you are using a Finish Radio Lnx Enc Radio system, my bet is that it is time for a new starters pack. I remember having a similar situation several years ago. It was the starters pack. I would recommend a call to lynx support.  They are excellent and they could should you a lot of time an effort.

The other choice if you want to trouble shoot things yourself, if you have another radio lynx system, try swopping out each part one at a time until you narrow your problem down to the problem part.


Good Luck! 

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