The Lynx Microtab 16x9.lss script works just fine for basic display. I use the 3 pixel wide font and uses 9 characters.

Page 1 is Place and Last name
Page 2 is Time

You can set the cycle in the Lynx scoreboard control menu.


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It save my ass today to show the running time for my race. I forgot to bring my Timer to show lap time...

The problem with the Microtab16-9.lss it is set to show only mm:dd.0 when running and mm:dd.00 when stop by the beam break.

So what I did, I copy the file to create a new one and I edit with the text editor the following lines :

; This is sent approximately 10 times per second.
; Line codes:
; \00 No variable
; \01 Formatted time
; \02 Binary time in milliseconds (as a 4 byte little endian integer)
; Setting register[0] to 1 in a format line will cause that line and
; subsequent lines to only be sent once per second (when the second's
; digit changes) instead of approximately 10 times per second. Setting
; register[0] to 0 will resume normal operation for remaining lines.
; display " mm:ss.d "
\01\=0\X0\=2\1bAS00 %12.12s\B2\L7\B3\R0 \03\L0\U2\F2\R0\X\7f\&2\U0\O2

And replace it by the TimeofDay string

; display " hh:mm:ss"
\01\=0\X0\=2\1bAS00 %12.12s\B4\03\L0\U2\F2\R0\X\7f\&2\U0\O2

Now I need to find a solution for the timeStopped code to display hh:mm:ss

; This is sent when the time is stopped by a beam break.
; Line codes are identical to the TimeRunning line codes.
; display " mm:ss.dd"
\01\X0\=2\1bAS00 %12.12s\B1\L8\B3\R0\03\L0\U2\F2\R0\X\7f\&2\U0\O2

So my question is about the line codes are identical to the time running line codes, so if i replace by this line, will I have hh:mm:ss

; display " hh:mm:ss"
\01\=0\X0\=2\1bAS00 %12.12s\B4\03\L0\U2\F2\R0\X\7f\&2\U0\O2

I only don't know what mean all this code so I tried and it work for the running, but didn't have the time to try the Timestop one...


I succeed to connect it via Ethernet cable from my hub to the IP set into my Microtab. You need to configure lynx into Network connect with the IP set into microtab and enter the port 21967 in the lynx scoreboard setting. On the scoreboard, yes it is the Basic program.

It work really well

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