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Microgate unveiled their new headquarters and factory in 2020. Covid and related issues delayed our opportunity to visit. The purpose built facility in Bolzano is nestled in the fertile and historic Brenner valley that connects Austria with Italy.

Quite an impressive facility that is featured in trade journals

Case Study: a Bolzano Microgate sceglie la tecnologia Vimar (


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  • Headquarters: New Microgate facility
  • Roof top view: The dining and break room faces this roof top garden area
  • Demo and sales: All the products can be experienced in a pleasant space off reception
  • Demo and Sales: Full AV capable room
  • Stock: Timers and accessories ready to ship
  • Fred and Federico with the RTPro: The new RTPro joins the REIPro
  • New product lab: On going testing and development is key
  • Prototype manufacturing: In house facilities for all aspects of development
  • Satelite testing facility: Purpose built environmental testing chamber for the aerospace division
  • Testing room: All new and repaired devices undergo stress testing
  • Warehouse: Every part of the facility is well laid out and bright
  • View from the shipping dock: Everybody in the facility has a nice view!
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