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The Duryea Hillclimb is technically challenging. The PA hillclimb assn has used the 500 MW Enc radio MF system for year. This year they switched to the new HiLink 500 HLK101 system.

They have 7 different venues to work at. They are able to rapidly change frequencies if needed with the HiLink. No dip switches. All easy to use menu and buttons.

All the timing impulses are sent to a relay point at a turn 2 parking lot where a Pelican case and a RTPRo with large gell cell receives them. The output is then sent via data radio at 9600 baud to the Results trailer uphill from the start line. TOD synced timers are used at the start and finish paralleled into the TX lines.

Most of their venues are direct from start to finish without the relay point. Using the relay point concept gives them the flexibility to set up and tear down quick.


Images (9)
  • 2022HillClimbPoster: Hillclimb classic 70th edition
  • Duryea: Course map
  • HiLink 500 at start line: Transmitting to Turn 2
  • Setting start line with Polifemo cells: Connected to Hilink and backup TOD timer
  • Polifemo through beam photocells setup at finish line: Polifemo through beams
  • HilInk 500 at overlook 150 m downhill from finish line: Wired Hilink and backup timer 150 uphill to Finish Line
  • Duryea finish line: Polifemo through beams wired down to overlook
  • Timing trailer with Pronto Motorsports Software: Ideal weather resistant workspace
  • DuryeaSticker2022: These stickers appear everywhere
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