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Dusan Kafka
Whistler, BC

"Dear Sir,

Live-Ski-Pro (or Live MsportsPro) allows to broadcast the chronometric data of your races on a live internet window.
For that we give you access to our Internet server and to the programms which send the chronometric data that you register with Ski-Pro (or Msports Pro).
Note: You must use Ski-Pro's (or MsportsPro's) last version.
Live-Ski-Pro (and Live MsportsPro) can be transparently incorporated to your website:
See this example of a page including the live item :
And an example of use at:
Live-Ski-Pro (or Live MsportsPro) is only available in a one year lease at a price of 600 € exclusive of tax. We have no other rental period.
If you want to use Live-Ski-Pro, please confirm your request. We will send you a quote bill. At its payment we will ship you the data-sending programs.
Feel free to contact us.
Best regards.
37 Av de St Martin
74190 Passy - France
Tel : +33(0)4 50 47 57 20 Fax : +33(0)4 50 78 11 91
Mail : Web : "

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