Looking for advice on the cost to subscribe to Live Timing services.
Interested in the idea of displaying the results live over the net, current timing software being used is Vola Ski Pro.
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Vola live timing is a separate program that collects the data from your events folder when the timing window is open. Separate versions for SkiPro, Msports, JumpPro and Rally.

The live program sends all data from your local timing database, like bib, rank, name, inter 1-9, speed 1-9, gap ao. The live display setup is made from button for program parameters in the timing window. You can filter display in separate categories.

Data is sent to a vola web-server in France. Typical delay from the actual passage to display on web is about 3/10. Data transfer is limited, a 3G phone is good enough.

Annual subscription is EUR 600, prepaid.

See an example here:

SkiPro Live FIS is another separate program for the SkiAlp Pro suite. Live FIS enables you to send live feed to FIS servers, available online from FIS-live timing like all WC-races. Ask the it-department of FIS for port and password for your codexes 14 days before racedate. Live FIS is free software available for download from vola.fr.

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