how to replace antenna connection on ENCRadio Transmitter


On my ENC Radio the connector where the antenna screws on has broken off. I have disassembled the box and the wires are still there, so just hoping to get a replacement part, and reconnect the wires.

Any ideas on what part this would be?

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If you have everything still there it may be easier to re-solder the wires on.

I had one break when the screw top started to spin free. I hate the design of this, so I ended up re-soldering and epoxying the connection point to the case to prevent it from weakening in the future. I really, REALLY wish it was designed a little beefier.
Yes we stock this part. Binder 464-448

We are speaking of the recessed male socket that is mounted on the timer.

It clicks into place when the cover of the timer is installed to the battery pack back. Yes gluing it in place is an option.

We always recommend a firm grasp of the collar on the Dec radio antenna and clean pull straight out to remove the connection

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