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Hi guys,

here are a practical function in Excel to extract text from a cell. This function is practical when you receive the UCI Code and you need to separate the Three letters country code and the numeric code to use with Veloresults or TT*ware

In excel, insert a new column, choose the function left on the text you want to extract. Here, in UCI Code USA20100525, if you want to extract the USA, type this function in the new column :
X1 (A1, B1, etc) the cell who contain the full UCI Code.
3 is the number of character you want to extract, in that case USA= 3 characters

Then right click and paste. The 3 character NAT code from all of the records should fill in the new column.

Then insert another new column.

Then you need to extract the numbers from the UCI code, you will use that function :
X1 is the cell who contain the full UCI Code.
8 is the number of characters you want to extract, in that case 20100525= 8 characters

Then right click on the new column and paste the numeric characters in.

Then you will want to use the special paste function to make the data in the new columns stable.

Select all of the data in the new column (ie NAT) and right click and copy. Then right click again and select Paste Special. Then select Values and continue.

The data will now be pasted without the formulas. You can then delete the original data column if desired.
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