The Classic Company (equestrian) recently acquired a new HL615 wireless system to augment an aging HL610 system. With this new system we've noticed a series of pulses/beeps/leds occurring after the actual photocell pulse. They seem to be some sort of diagnostic codes, but we can't find anything in the literature to explain what these are. Can anyone enlighten us? Perhaps battery status of the transmitters?
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Are these plugged into HL 2-132 or HL 2-131 photocells?

What delay setting (rotary dial) do you have the cells set on?

Try dialing the setting to a higher value and see if the extra pulses go away.

Also you can test the transmitter by itself by just unplugging the banana plug jumper from the photocell and making a clean single "tap" pulse

The HL 615 rx receiver is designed to alert you to a problem with you sensor alignment.

You should try that in controlled setting as well.

Make a working photocell / transmitter combination go out of alignment. You should then see the battery strength leds "jump" and the receiver beep to warn you that something is amiss.

Remember to test this with the trasmitters and receiver in real field conditions or at least 15 feet apart in a simulation.

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