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We are having trouble getting our Gill wg working properly.

At this point, after consulting with finish lynx support, we can only get a wind reading when we arm an event, and we are connected to the "remote" port on the wg, and the wg is in "continuous" mode.

The wind gauge does not seem to go into "auto" mode so I don't think our computer is actually talking to the wind gauge.

We have the wg connected to a serial wireless device then an access point device and into our hub/switch.

I assume we have a communication issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ps. This is the answer we received from finish lynx...

Hi Brian,
I suspect the issue is with the SeriaLynx device, as it does not come with the correct configuration to send the data to a Gill wind gauge.  You could confirm this by connecting directly to it directly via the serial port on the Connection Box, camera back, or USB-Serial adapter on the FinishLynx computer.
To change the SeriaLynx settings, connect it to your FinishLynx computer or network via the ethernet cable, and enter its IP address into a web browser.  If this is a Moxa SeriaLynx, the username will be "moxa" with no password.  Then navigate to the serial communication page, and set the corresponding serial port's settings to the following:
  • Baud: 9600
  • Data Bits: 7
  • Parity: Even
  • Stop Bits: 1.0
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