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For Sale Tag Heuer (2) HL610-Tx , (1) HL610 Rx, (2) HL 2-31

600.00 for everything. Shipping Cost is seperate and covered by buyer.

Everything you see in the pictures is included. Everything powers up and is in working condition. Cosmetically I give items 8.5/10

I'm selling these items for a friend and do not know alot about the items,but will answer all questions as best I can. Items will be shipping from California.


You can reach me at   xriteway13@gmail.com20231203_012422_kindlephoto-3511536920231203_012539_kindlephoto-3508396020231203_012909_kindlephoto-3505458320231203_012951_kindlephoto-3502412520231203_013526_kindlephoto-34959037


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  • 20231203_012422_kindlephoto-35115369
  • 20231203_012539_kindlephoto-35083960
  • 20231203_012909_kindlephoto-35054583
  • 20231203_012951_kindlephoto-35024125
  • 20231203_013526_kindlephoto-34959037
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