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We looked at a video detailing this equipment

It looks like the Signature Systems (FARM TEK) group has gone to a lot of trouble to custom make a system for this sport.

What problems are you aware of that a company with vast experience with wireless such as Microgate could improve upon?

The Light Radio Kit


could provide the back bone of a system coupled with the countdown light MicroSem

The major question is cost. Microgate makes professional grade products that are tested and approved by international federations. The added quality and measurable performance cost more.

For example FARM TEK products are not homologated for use in international equestrian events while Microgate products are.
the problem is that a Signature System has been paid ($10,000.00Aus) for over 8 months ago by the AFA (Australian Flyball Association) but has not been supplied and all that has been supplied is excuses, also Farmtek equipment is used by Signature as the base equipment but Farmtek do not make the system them selves and when I aksed Famtek about it they said that they would not recommend Signature.

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