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2 weeks ago at Attitash, UNH hosted a carnival race. We displayed the race on a large screen in the base lodge, via a projector connected to a laptop. It was a huge success and very popular with competitors, coaches, spectators. The limitations are that the web page needs to be refreshed every so often to save bandwidth. That day there were so many races live, the results were behind and eventually did not catch up. The result? One male competitor missed his start for the 2nd slalom run. His excuse? The live timing was not current, so he didn't know when to get on the lift... Never heard that one before!
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It's great that this athlete finds Live-Timing.com more important than a watch. I'm sorry he missed his start.
I'm also sorry the web site has been a little bogged down lately, especially on the weekends with as many as 50 races in a day! We're working on finding the holdups with the system and optimizing database queries to manage the load, with the hopes of getting the massive number of users all the data they need.
Just as an FYI, here are some fun numbers:
The database server processes up to 10,000 queries per second

The numbers for January blew away any month last season:
Number of races : 420 (last Jan 272)
Number of visits : 102,000 (last Jan 44,000)
Number of page views : over 2.4 million (last Jan 1 million)
Number of hits : 13.6 million (a basically useless but impressive number)

So, continue to enjoy Live-Timing and we'll try to keep up.

Oh, and don't forget to be at the start on time....

Without a doubt this has been one of the most well received additions to ski racing since the software was written. I find that at FIS events, at least 85% of coaches are watching on a pda or Blackberry.

The TD was less than impressed with the excuse, but the competitor was allowed to start and he was not DQ'd.

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