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The Daktronics V7000 controller operates on the same network as the PC running, TT*ware, Veloresults, ShowJump32 etc.

Make sure that both pc's have fixed IP addresses and you can ping each machine from the other. The workgroup should be the same.

Skunkware sends a UDP broadcast. The receiving device requires a socket to identify the incoming data to parse it correctly.

The basic setting is


Make sure that the v7000 controller is sending basic data to the display prior to proceeding. There are so many types of glow cube, led, etc. displays out there. Proceed if the basic system works.

The ability of the v7000 software to display your data is dependent on the Skunk RTD sequence. Make sure you have the sequence before heading to the installation site.

There are different sequences but the 5 line is the most common. That should allow a basic screen of 5 lines of 20>25 characters wide. Start with 20 characters wide in your hardware configuration setup. You can try to expand it later if needed.

Each part of the RTD sequence can be edited, but don't change it unless really needed.
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