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Hi Guys,

I tried to connect two GAZ4 to show the results, not only the running time. It worked, but the problem was the format showed no good. Anybody have an update alge.lss files with explanation ?

I will describe my problem, when I put the toggle switch to the upper position (rank and Bib), nothing show on the scoreboard. When I put the toggle in the middle (minute;sec;1/100) it show the time correctly and when i put the toggle down (h;min;sec) it show the position in the first digit, the lane number on the second digit and show a small part of the time on the last three digit. The 4 digit was always free.

There is a possibility to get one scoreboard to show like this ?

First scoreboard :
1- Rank Ten
2- Rank Unit
3- nothing
4- Lane ten Or bib number hundred
4- Lane unit or bib number ten
5- Nothing or bib number unit

Second scoreboard
1- Minutes (ten)
2- Minutes (units)
3- Seconds (ten)
4- Seconds (Unit)
5- 1/100 (ten)
6- 1/100 (units)
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