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Hey All,

I am at 2006 BMX Nationals in Canada.

With the arrival of BMX at the 2008 Olympic, the format will start with a Time trial on BMX track. Canada will start this year with these format also because we going to host the 2007 BMX World Champ.

Problem in BMX, they use letter on their plates combined with letter (W1 to W8, N1 to N8,...)

I was able to register my rider with plate W5 and W6 but when I want to put the rider in the Queue section, I am not able to type a letter... that could be a good improve of the software to be BMX ITT enable to use letter also.
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this is what we do... they are only once on the track... It is not like Road Racing ITT....

Nice work today, tomorrow it is the same...

What were you using for your start... I don't know their start system, so I am not able to get pulse from the start device (riders ready... watch the gate... bip bip bip...boom gate falls..) I put a photo-cell foot after the start gate
It sounds like the Cartessa gate controller that we use here, running the NBL cadence. If it is a Cartessa, you can get your impulse directry from the gate controller. The DIN socket on the front of the gate controller can feed a relay that will give you your start impulse. There is a post describing the correct wiring and building of the relay.

We have been using the relay that I built for several seasons without any failures.

If it is not a cartessa controller then there still is the possibility for an electronic solution but you would have to cook it up from the power to the valve for the main piston.

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