Best way to take times with two timy 3 WTN .

The range is not too much but is deep wood with a lot of height difference between start and finish its DH bike race I usually Time Ski races in winter, and I have starting gates and photocells the idea is to take start times with one timy and finish times with the other but my question is how can transfer start times to finish time Equipment.
Yes the safest way is to use syncronized timers at each timing location and download the time of day splits with bib number ID into a program like was suggested before.

ALGE TED 400 are really good if you use the tone system to check signal.

Be prepared to move the RX receiver around until the tone locks in solid.

Run a banana plug jumper any distance from the RX receiver to the Timer and you are all set.

Sometimes I have to climb trees or telephone poles to get signals.

Always move the RX receiver first! It has more success than trying to move the TX transmitter

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