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Save heaps by having transponders repaired and batteries replaced by Transponder Services.
15 years experience of continuous service to the racing community world wide.

Happy to answer any questions regarding transponders.

We service all types of AMB, Mylaps, Dorian and Cronelec transponders.

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Footnote: I looked for forum rules to check if this kind of post was OK or not, but could not find rules anywhere. So if this post is not OK I apologize as I was only offering help to the timing community that may not be aware of this service.
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Hello Matthias
Usually do not have problems with customs and transponders.
I have many clients within Europe, including Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Latvia, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Georgia.
The important thing is to value the shipment to me in Australia at under 600Euro to avoid customs import duty to Australia.
When I return them I include the freight documentation that shows it came from the country it is being returned to and a low value commercial invoice.

Freight companies can have issues with transporting items by air which contain batteries. Batteries sealed inside transponders are safe to travel by air.
Provided they are packed securely so they cannot be damaged in transit.

Some mis-undertanding can occur because of issues around Lithium batteries. So if battery is mentioned to freight company they only think of Lithium danger. Most transponders contain Ni-mh or Ni-cd so are very safe.

Matthias, if you contact me directly via email link on my web site and tell me which type of transponders you have I can advise you further.

best regards
Transponder Services

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